January 29, 2019

How To Work Smarter and Enjoy More Time

We've all heard the saying work smarter, not harder.  I've used it for years now, but recently it's taken on a new meaning for me. 

Do you ever worry about missing out?  I do.  Don't we all wish we had more time?  We don't want to miss out on the many festivities that come along with the summertime fun.  But this summer is a little different. 

This past winter we welcomed a new baby girl into our world and the game changed.  For years I vowed to myself that I wouldn't miss out on creating wonderful memories with my kids like my family missed when I was young.  After all, time is the only commodity that truly matters and investing it into those we love will show the greatest return.  Isn't it true? 

Here are four keys why studies are showing utilizing reflection just may be the smartest way to work:

  • Learning is more effective if you take the time to reflect on, meaning to synthesize or articulate, the important points.
  • Take 15 minutes at the end of a training, meeting or your day and reflect on the main things you learned.
  • Use a journal to deepen the reflection and your learning.  Write, document and track 2-4 key points throughout your learning time.
  • Teach to enhance learning.  By sharing or teaching newly acquired skills or subject matter you are essentially reflecting on the material, therefore, enhancing learning and boosting performance.

Although you can't stop or even manage time, you can increase productivity.  Completing tasks and responsibilities more effectively will help you do more work in less time.  Reflection is a smart way to "make it stick" to the brain and conquer important goals so that you can share more meaningful moments with your loved ones. 

Whether your taking on a new project, mastering a new skill or going through some innovative change at work, if you want to learn faster grab a journal, note card, digital recorder and share what you've learned with others today.  Don't hesitate, choose a method of reflection and implement it after your next meeting. 

Which of the four areas are you finding to be most difficult for gaining more time? 

Live inspired, Lead Bold, 

Brandon Sobotka

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