AWAKEN your Brand




Stand out with differentiation, depth, and distinction


Spend 30 Days Focused on One Modern Marketing Strategy for Building Your Brand and Gaining Visibility.  

What you can expect with intensives:

  • Initial clarity session to uncover what's the one best visibility strategy for you right now. 
  • Define a plan of action with the exact next steps for moving forward with one specific visibility strategy.  
  • Learn and implement most important KEYS for building a loyal audience and landing lasting clients using this strategy.

Avoid holding back and getting lost in the noise of an oversaturated market. Confidently and consistently know what to say and how to say it to get not just more clients, but ideal ones. Build stronger connections and deeper levels of trust by embracing your unique message.


Monthly retainer one-on-one or group coaching and consulting for strategic streamlined growth.

What you can expect with coaching & consulting:

  • 3 powerful ways to minimize stress and distractions while achieving what matters. 
  • How to crush procrastination and free up more time for focus, family, friends and fun.
  • Super Productivity: How to get into the zone and to achieve your potential in half the time.

No longer will you fall victim to energy vampires, time stealers, and other interruptions. Finish each day and week feeling accomplished and with something still left in the tank. Enjoy more freedom, focus, and peace of mind while still giving all you need to those who need you.

Emerge Brand Consulting

Next Level support from me and my team at Emerge Brand Consulting. 

What you can expect from Emerge Brand Consulting:

  • Lead Generation Website: Build an engaged audience and get more conversions with strategic design and development.
  • Search Engine Optimization: Generate leads and revenue by producing more organic traffic with higher search engine rankings.
  • Facebook and Google Ads: Amplify reach and scale fast with more exposure through paid media.

Stop competing & rise above the rest with advanced growth strategies.  Start strong, sell more & scale fast with Emerge Brand Consulting.  


Join the Business of Being yourself Community and start Building your brand today


Scale your reach, recognition, and revenue


Get your plan & go at it alone.

Start Strong with a 90 Day Strategic Action Plan:

  • Planning begins with a 2.5 hour deep dive interview into your business and goals.
  • Provide you with a custom plan of action with the exact next steps for moving forward in your business.
  • The plan also includes Level 1 support: 30 days of email access and two 1-hour follow up consulting calls to successfully implement.

Do you know what your next moves should be? Are you clear on what's working right now? Do you want a plan so you don't waste another minute trying things that don't work? Whether it's ramping up your content distribution, creating an online course or leveraging partnerships you're going to want a plan for strategic growth. Schedule a brief call to find if it's a fit.


Get Your Plan and always have the strategic support you need.

Sell More with a Strategic Plan & On-going Support:

  • Planning begins with a 2.5 hour deep dive interview into your business and goals. 
  • Provide you with a custom plan of action with the exact next steps for moving forward in your business.
  • The plan also includes Level 2 support: email access, 90 day reviews, periodic 30 minute consulting calls, and video education & training videos to successfully implement without getting stuck.

No more being stuck, overwhelmed or frustrated. The days of inconsistent implementation and ineffective execution are over. Learn the system and identify what's missing or what's next in your business. Generate more leads and sales by executing your customized plan confidently. And with the ongoing support you need. Schedule a clarity session now to learn more.


Marketing Services for additional implementation & execution needs.

Scale Fast with Services to Support Implementation & Execution:

  • Brand Development & Design: Take clear now to simplify and systemize growth for leading with more confidence and control.
  • Website Design & Development: Upgrade your platform to gain traction and momentum for getting more leads and clients.
  • Strategic Marketing & Advertising: Integrate organic & paid strategies to turn your solo hustle into a fast-scaling business. 

Stop getting caught in the "learn and burn" cycle; wasting money on the next product or course. Instead, start getting the support and systems you need to grow. I do this so you don't lose money making the mistakes I did on bad service providers (trust me).


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