Who is Brandon Sobotka?

Just like you, I am much more than what's contained on an about page. But, for sake of perspective & brevity here goes nothing...

Years ago I was a fitness & human performance professional with a small consulting "side hustle". 

I was doing fine, but was curious about entrepreneurship and took the leap. I really just wanted to build a local business that allowed me the freedom to enjoy and take care of a family (and a few other perks). But I didn’t know how to do it.
For a couple of years, I ended up "hustling" in my own business consuming everything entrepreneurship and what I found was that even though I was helping clients, my business was all over the place. My vision was cloudy, my messages were ambitious and yet very inconsistent. I realized then that I wasn't clear on the impact I to provide my customers and clients.

A few months later I still hadn't figured it out and crashed from burnout. I quickly found myself living out of a friend’s grandmother’s trailer home, loaded with financial debt, and talking the repo-man out of towing my car. Mind you, it was on New Year’s Eve (I know, it doesn't sound real).   

The next morning I went to the ATM, typed in my pin code and looked at the receipt...I had $197 dollars and 20 some cents left to my name and had to make a change quick.

So I set out to find my calling and created a growth strategy at the intersection of leadership, entrepreneurship, and stewardship. By the time I was done, I’d created an entire process driven leaders, entrepreneurs, experts, and executives, could go through to transform their lives, build businesses and create real impact.  

As I took myself through it, the results were pretty incredible. I landed writing, speaking, and consulting gigs for major publications, Fortune 500 companies, and major conferences. The strategies worked at home and in different stages of business...startup, turnaround, and organizational growth. 

And not only this but as I’ve been finalizing the process, people started asking me to help them with their businesses. The first companies to express interest were successful speakers, coaches, consultants, and leaders at small-to-mid-sized companies. So I started a second company to help brands go through the process of finding the comparatively small, but significant keys that need to emerge to clearly communicate and grow their brand.

Listed below are some of the places you may have seen me…


To lead a movement of emerging and established leaders, entrepreneurs, experts, and executives, that shifts society, serves a higher purpose, and builds a better world.

I believe the highest levels of personal growth, business success, and life fulfillment happen at the intersection of...


Leadership is the fearless expression of our highest and most authentic self.

As much as you're driven by success, you're not just working towards professional achievements.

Personal development in areas like health, relationships, productivity, and other passions are just as important. 

Confidently living your truth, finding balance, and achieving multidimensional growth is what creates the influence, change and fulfillment you're seeking.


Entrepreneurship is the freedom to live in the context of your deepest desires.  

You want to live this vision, however, it feels like you're "juggling" and never have enough time.

It's easy to get overwhelmed when we're focused on getting more done rather than getting the right things done.

Courageously prioritizing your most important goals and aligning daily activities to achieve them will not only prevent you from doing too much, but it will help you create momentum in the direction you truly want to go.


Stewardship is the fulfillment of collaboratively and compassionately building a better world.

Your heart yearns for something bigger than yourself, but I know what it's like to get frustrated and start losing confidence.

Perfectionism or just going through the motions can kill any dream of creating value for others and making a positive impact on the world.

Feel more connected, provide hope and give back; all in support of a better tomorrow. 

What You Can Expect

If you're on this page, this is the question you most want to be answered. It's why you clicked, right? Well, for many inquirers not much. Here's why...

We all want it yesterday. We all want to win and win big. No one wants to hear that it's a process and it takes time and a lot of commitment. I'm not the guy to sell you the fluff and tell you you're going to be an overnight success. Is it possible? Yes. And if it's true for you, I'll tell you it is. However, in most cases, we don't have all the things in place to make it happen that quickly.

Did that make you want to invest? Probably not. But, I'm here to help you meet you where you are first, your reality, and then guide you through the challenges to get to where you want to be.

I have a modern method for not just getting through challenges, but growing through them. An enlightening and empowering experience in growing specific skills designed to help you emerge as the leader you know you can be. Don’t worry I’ll cover it...for free.

Before we get to that, here’s what you can expect from me...

Live Your Truth

Develop the skills to awaken your ambitions and learn how to unlock next level leadership. Get the tools, training, strategies, and secrets to create the impact you truly want. But more importantly, learn how to translate that knowledge into meaningful action now. I'll help you focus your ambitions, find your zone, and lead with confidence. Learn more here...

Lead The Way

Discover your unique talents and ignite your passion to achieve your ultimate vision. Understand the critical business growth factors and how to create a map to reach your goals. Strategically align and focus leadership and brand building to bring value to your audience. I'll help you maximize your time, drive competitive advantage, and amplify profitable growth. Learn more here...

Leave Your Legacy

Learn how to leverage your influence and help others; to experience what IS possible for mankind at every level. Imagine having the poise and capability to make a real difference in any situation and improve the quality of not only your life, but the lives of others. In times of uncertainty, crisis, and change, the world needs inclusive, high integrity leaders to stand up for what's right. Making uplifting change happen. Be part of an unparalleled community of leaders you'll learn from, connect with, share secrets, and build a better business and change the world. Together. Learn more here...

Who Can I Help?

We know a brighter future is built by the bold, creative and caring doers of today.  Individuals and companies like you, who are charting new territory, passionately curious and relentlessly committed to a new and better tomorrow. I help the following types of leaders, entrepreneurial spirits, and business models...

Consultants & Consulting Firms
Online Training Businesses
LEarning & Development
Health & Fitness Businesses

Join MY Leadership Track and Master the Skills to Lead with Confidence.