Who is Brandon Sobotka?

Just like you, I am much more than what's contained on an about page...we are special and there is so much more for us to experience; unexplored goals, uncommon growth, and unimaginable achievements. But, for sake of brevity here goes nothing...

I believe each of us has a special gift, a unique genius, a distinctive DNA if you will (this is true for a team or an organization as well). It's a mix of characteristics, ambitions, natural talents, strengths, skills, and adventures, that only belong to us; no one else has this exact same combination. Unfortunately, these gifts come so naturally to us that we also have a very hard time recognizing and realizing them.  It's not until we are willing to explore ourselves that we are able to discover our true genius and the power we have with it. Here's how it all changed for me...

For many years, you could say I was a modern-day explorer; I always wanted to know what's around the corner, what's next and what IS possible.  

Unfortunately, I was doing this for everyone else, but myself. Despite breaking records, developing great teams, creating breakthrough systems and achieving recognition and promotions, every job had its own boundaries I wasn't allowed to push. I constantly found myself restless, dissatisfied and yearning for something more.  I wanted to free myself.

Obsessively curious, entrepreneurship was the vehicle I chose.  

I failed...

And quickly found myself living out of a friend’s grandmother’s trailer home, loaded with financial debt, and talking the repo-man out of towing my car on New Year’s Eve (I know, it doesn't sound real).

The next morning I went to the ATM, typed in my pin code and looked at the receipt...I had $197 dollars and 20 some cents left to my name.

Honestly, I began to question my path wondering...

What am I doing?
Is this really right for me?
Why is it not working out?
Do I truly have what it takes?
Should I just go back and get a job?

I was failing at what I love...

Although I didn’t know it then, it was in that moment of questioning myself that I began to awaken my ambitions; I started living my truth. I had realized there isn’t one goal; one destination such as a sales target, success measure or static fulfillment.  But rather, one purpose. Where the journey is the destination; with a plethora of possibilities and adventures never-ending. This is freedom. This is fulfillment.

I chose to seek knowledge, truth, and wisdom.
I decided to solve problems, lead change, and create my future.
I aimed to serve authentically, be bold, and live free.

All of the above is more than enough, I could die fulfilled.  But, this is a story still being written and I’ve been called to DO more, BE more and GIVE more.  I’m obsessively pursuing what IS possible and I’d love for you to join the journey.

Since then, I’ve…


To empower entrepreneurs, experts and executives to push boundaries, break barriers and build brands that shift society; serve a bigger purpose and build a better world.


I believe freedom is found on the other side of fear.  By helping you brave the unknown and break through perceived limits I help you find your way to new levels of personal learning, business growth and a whole new world possibilities.  I am here to help you smash fears, discover your distinct and special differences, and guide you to that new horizon you can call home.


I believe in making the dream the routine.  By teaching, training, and walking you through successful, strategic solutions, you'll not only hone a deep understanding of bold leadership, but you'll be able to build a brand that fuels your soul and fulfills your dream.  Daily. I am here to help you start strong, scale fast, sell more, and shift society.


I believe in serving a bigger purpose and building a better world.  By serving you with tireless motivation and fearless persistence WE can lead, WE can create, and WE, together, can make a positive impact on the world; all in support of a better tomorrow. I am here to help you to connect with and continue to grow as an trailblazing entrepreneurs, transformational leaders and trendsetting businesses.

What You Can Expect

If you're on this page, this is the question you most want answered. It's why you clicked, right? Well, for many inquirers not much. Here's why...

Despite living in a time where starting a business, building a brand and impacting millions is easier than it ever has been.  Most never take action, find the work that truly satisfies them, or they quit.  Their work is empty and unrewarding-yet unnecessarily so.  Don’t be these people.

To succeed as an entrepreneur, expert, executive, or employee, you must be willing to say yes to yourself first and, in doing so, take action on your ambitions. Each one of us have a unique genius; a special mix of natural talents living inside us.  This is true for businesses as well.  I have a method for not only identifying these gifts, but using them to become more effective, feel alive and realize big dreams. Don’t worry I’ll cover it...for free.

Before we get to that, here’s what you can expect me...

Lead With Purpose

From finding your inner fire to unlocking your leadership skills you'll transform your life and become the leader you always wanted to be. By setting a compelling vision, ramping up progress and infusing your work with a powerful purpose you'll be ready to forge any future you want. I help clients goal plan, increase productivity, and lead with confidence.

Love Your Work

Each move you make, as an entrepreneur or an “intrapreneur” within a company, offers the opportunity to take initiative and utilize your unique talents. Creating change at any level takes inspiring courage, relevant skills, value-based interactions and consistent innovation so you and the company continue to grow. I help clients identify their zone of genius, infuse this throughout the brand and increase business profits.

Live Your Legacy

Elevating human and brand potential happens when delivering clarity around meaning and purpose while communicating this unique differentiation. Executing, aka living this path, at the intersection of leadership, entrepreneurship, and stewardship, is where the highest levels of creativity, productivity, performance, and happiness lie. I help clients execute this fresh approach, engage ideal customers, and emerge as a long lasting brand.

Who Can I Help?

I see the world as it could be. I don't wait for better times, I make it happen and I strive to help you do the same...Forge Your Future.  We know a brighter future is built by the seekers, visionaries, entrepreneurs, and heroes of today.  People like you and I, who are charting new territory, passionately curious and boldly committed to a new and better tomorrow. I help the following types of entrepreneurial spirits and business models...

Consultants & Consulting Firms
(Business & Personal)
(National & Multi-National)
Online Training Businesses
Fitness Businesses
(Small & Large)

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