October 5, 2021

4 Simple Steps for Creating Your Own Online Course

Expanding your influence is the name of the game if you’re looking to make a real impact and grow business revenue. Better yet, profits.  

However, most independent coaches, consultants and entrepreneurs have a limited bandwidth.  And I’m not just talking about time.  I’m talking about energy too.  

Believe it or not, clients aren’t buying your sessions because of the business exercises, they’re buying because you have a certain energy that you bring to the table.  It’s the energy you bring day-in and day-out that they’re trying to learn, level up and apply everyday themselves.  

Having a maxed out schedule for months or even years can really take that energy out of you.  Even burn you out.  

Trust me. 

I’ve been there.  

But, how can we create the space and leverage we need to keep expanding our influence?


Course Creation as a Solution

Enter the Online Education Industry.  If you haven’t heard, it has exploded.  With nearly a BILLION Dollar projected over the next few years, this industry is blazing.  

Why am I telling you this?

Well, when industry's experience explosive growth that also symbolizes massive opportunities.

What am I speaking of? 


Online courses. 


If you have a specific skillset, unique strengths, depth of experience or a distinct expertise in, there is an opportunity for you.  Honestly, each and every person has a mix and match of any of these, even if you don’t recognize it yourself; you have or know something you can teach and sell. 

Perhaps you’ve wanted to learn something, searched for it online and purchased a couple courses yourself. If you have, you can see how courses are a great potential revenue stream.

If you haven’t, I’m sure at some point in time you’ve purchased a book either for yourself or someone else.  Someone made money off your purchase.  In fact, multiple people did. 


How do you do it?

Creating Your Course  

Just like anything else, there's a lot that goes into creating a course, however from a high level completing a course can be as simple as 4 steps.  

Yes, there are 4 main things you need to create your own course.  I'll share them along with a quick tip to further enhance each step. 



Typically, when we think about teaching someone we simply think in terms of the basic linear process it takes to complete it.  However, in many cases very few people get excited about the necessary hard work that needs to happen prior to the result we want.  

Instead of organizing modules in linear order, I want you to build “learning momentum” by aligning modules in a motivational order.  Which modules will get them most excited first?  Get them to thirst for more...to read on, watch on, learn and apply. 


Each module is going to have a certain number of training lessons.  Instead of just sharing more and more information in each of these training sessions, it's more important to think in terms of transformation.  

Ask yourself, what transformation am I trying to get my customer to experience in this training? This will help prevent you from just sharing info as well as support them in experiencing the transformation faster.



To reinforce the training and fill in the gaps, provide participants with the opportunity to ask questions or be a "fly on the wall" as they listen to you coach over a call. So much breakthrough learning occurs when we're listening to others who are in similar situations to ours.  This happens because our guard is down and our minds are open.  

What type of support calls does your community need?  This will help them get out of their own way because a group call helps to normalize the problems we are having individually.



Another way to reinforce the learning is by providing or guiding participants with important tips, recommended tools, specific templates and other resources they need to succeed. Remove as many barriers to entry and your customers will have less and less resistance or obstacles between them and their goal.  

What tools can you add to modules, lessons and throughout your course to increase their odds at achieving success? This will help them by minimizing the friction, mental or physical, to making consistent progress.

Reference this when you’re ready to move forward and begin creating your own course.  Use it as a guide to walk you through the key points of building a successful tool for not only your clients growth, but as a tool to leverage in growing your business.  

Whether you’re already booked with clients and need to leverage courses to continue to support the demand or you’re wanting to break into the market using courses to gain traction, creating your own course is a great way to save energy, impact more people, and grow monthly revenue and income.

Enjoy what you’re reading?

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