July 19, 2020

BRAND BACKSTAGE Ep. 1: Which platform should you focus on as an Emerging Entrepreneur

If you're marketing online then you're probably wondering one of two things...

1. How many platforms do I need to be on? LinkedIn? Facebook? Slideshare? Quora? Etc, etc, etc.

Or a better question is...

2. Which platform should I focus on for best results?

Unfortunately, the question I get all the time is...

What is the best social media platform to build my brand on?

The reason I say it like this is because there's a problem with social that you won't find on the one I recommend.

That being said, if you're starting from scratch and don't have much to invest in the infrastructure of your business such as marketing then choosing a primary or even secondary social media platform to focus on is a great way to start.

If you're an entrepreneur building your brand and you're struggling to determine the social media platform you should be focusing on for your business, I'm going to share something that may surprise you about online business and brand building strategy.  

In episode 1 of my new weekly series, Brand Backstage, I'll provide you the one platform you should focus all your efforts on building. It's the one that matters most for the long term success of your business. Check it out in the video below.

Are you focused too much on the wrong platform? Do you need help focusing on the right one to grow your brand? Contact me to setup a complimentary brand awakening clarity session discuss the exact next steps you need to build a revenue generating platform.

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