August 5, 2020

BRAND BACKSTAGE Ep 5: Your Personal Brand On Social Media...Be You

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to start your personal brand?  Yes, that's why you're here. However, you've probably started thinking...but what do I say? Will they like me? What if no one responds to my posts? Etc, etc, etc. Then on the other hand you'd really enjoy sharing useful information and helping people.

These two different opposite extremse are something anyone who's building a brand (or wanting to) should be aware of. This is the mental pendulum that swings during content distribution for many trying to build a brand. And it's important to understand and be aware as you're defining a personal brand.  No matter which end of the spectrum you are currently feeling there's one thing to focus on when learning how to create a personal brand for yourself. Watch the video to find out!

Are you starting a personal brand? What is your biggest roadblock right now? Download our brand building blueprint to see what your next steps are.

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