October 24, 2019

Announcing The Velocity of Visibility

The beginning of a local brand building speaking circuit is almost here. This experience will not only walk you through 5 proven brand visibility strategies, but we’ll show you both the why and how to do it as well.  

November 9th is right around the corner!  I’m extremely excited to announce the first public speaking event I’ve done in Indy in almost 4 years, The VELOCITY OF VISIBILITY: 5 Brand Building Strategies for Growing Your Reach, Recognition, and Revenue, an in person training class all about how to get more eyes on your brand so that it can be experienced by as many people as possible, even if you don’t yet have an audience.

I’ll be partnering with Roben Bellomo, Owner of Bellomo Studios to teach you 5 of the best, if not the 5 best strategies, to help market your expertise so you can grow your reach, be recognized as the go-to in your area, and bring more opportunities to your business.  

Whether you have an existing brand and want to scale, or you’re using this opportunity to learn how to best get your expertise “out there”, it’s become my focus to get more personally involved in helping professionals and organizations become more recognized in their specific space.


I believe there are ridiculously talented and hardworking professionals whom have something important to share that people need; a message, a skill, a service, etc.


Visibility is the #1 way of doing that (as I’m sure you know), however it can be extremely crowded and competitive out there. Not to mention, confusing, overwhelming, and frustrating trying to piece all the different components and steps together successfully and sustainably.  

That said, I know I can help you make it happen.

The Velocity of Visibility is the first opportunity for you to experience it.  We deconstructed the successful breakthrough strategies of our own and our clients. We dug deep into recent research, consumer behavior, and market trends.  And we studied some of the elite experts and brands in the game right now to find the most valuable “secrets” (as marketers would say,  Haha!)  

These experiences and stories along with all of the failures along the way(my own and seeing talented people let their dreams go) have me fired up about our early bird enrollment opportunity going on right now.

Our goal is that you’ll have a place where you can gain clarity and focus around what’s really working in today’s modern marketplace.  The research alone we did to bring you this would cover the price, so you’re getting a great deal—especially since you’re going to be getting two presenters, two owners, and two unique perspectives of brand building.  

Again, my goal here is to help you get a clear understanding of how to make your brand more visible, spread your message and experience your expertise in the best possible ways.  And to do it faster and better than your competition. So if you’re ready, click the link below to get started with me now:

CLICK HERE to join The Velocity of Visibility Brand Building Training

(early bird enrollment period ends at midnight ET on Nov. 3, 2019)


One final note on the “Velocity of Visibility” content:

I know there’s already a lot of great content out there that can help you. Some of it you have to pay to get access to, and some of it is free. Some of it is great stuff.

But here’s the thing...

If you’re not already being seen and heard in the right places (that doesn’t have to be every social platform out there), there’s a reason why it hasn’t happened yet. Maybe you just haven’t completely ironed out your strategy, or found the time, or maybe there’s a bit of fear there, or maybe you’re just worried about putting something together and being completely ignored.  

We know how you feel, because we’ve felt the fear, anxiety, and we’ve heard the exact same criticisms when the thought of putting our brand out there more ourselves. For me it took me 3-4 years before really putting myself out there. And I had an education in communications, radio, and TV as well as plenty of previous experience leading people, sharing my expertise and speaking in front of others.

I started my first business in 2007...  

I’ve been brand building (informally) for even longer than that.  Formally, I’ve been doing the branding thing for nearly 6 years now, and I’ve learned a lot. I know what works. I know what doesn’t. I know how to quickly grow a brand, and arguably more important I know how to overcome and even avoid pitfalls of brand building. I also know how to get high quality visibility that helps you stand out from the crowd .

We’ll provide clarity and structure around the complex concepts and make them as easy to understand and implement as possible. That, and brand building, are my specialties.

If you know that building visibility for your brand is what you need to do, before I can help you, there’s a decision you need to make…

The decision to invest and help yourself.

That’s what I didn’t do back in the day (I wasted years at a time because of indecision).  That’s why I’m here...to be the accessible “growth” guide I didn’t have and walk you through the unknown or unclear.  

I invite you to enroll in The Velocity of Visibility today.  Early registration ends Sunday, Nov 3. There are only 25 spots available.  We want to work closely with an ambitious set of professionals and businesses who know it’s their time for being seen, heard and recognized as an authority.

I look forward to welcoming you into this enrollment period and seeing your brand move from the shadows to the spotlight very soon!

CLICK HERE to register for The Velocity of Visibility Brand Building Training


At the end of this class, I want you know what you need to build visibility for your brand; you can (and hopefully will) begin planning and implementing these strategies right away so you can start building your audience, fans, followers and clients using methods you’re truly excited about.

People tell me all the time that they’re ready to start getting “out there”, working on growing their email list, and starting to build their brand. That’s totally normal, but it's the same thing they said to me weeks, months or even years ago. And I understand. Totally do. I get it.

But, there are people out there waiting for you. They're roaming YouTube waiting for you to be that spark they've needed; their catalyst. At an insanely cheap price, you no longer have an excuse! You can create the website and brand you’ve always wanted to, however without visibility it will be difficult to achieve the freedom and fulfillment you want from your business.

That’s my challenge to you...forge your future; your freedom, your fulfillment.

That’s why we created The Velocity of Visibility.  If you’re motivated by learning, and appreciate some guidance along the way to provide clarity around specific and successful strategies (that help you get seen!), you’re in the right place.

Are you ready?

Sign up here to join The Velocity of Visibility: 5 Brand Building Strategies For Helping You Grow Your Reach, Recognition, & Revenue that starts soon!

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