February 17, 2020

5 Reasons the RIGHT Visibility Strategy Will Help Build Your Brand Faster

Brand Visibility & The Dream

If you know you’re ready to put yourself “out there” more and build your brand, choosing the right visibility strategy for you right now can be the difference between living the grind and living the dream.  

I think most entrepreneurs would agree that more eyes on their business would be better for the brand. However too many entrepreneurs go about trying to gain visibility haphazardly.  They rush, believing they have to be the first in order to stand out or to be seen at all. Speed doesn’t always lead to success.  

I like to say, “slow down if you want to speed up.” Slow down doesn’t mean being lazy, procrastinating or wasting time on any one of the endless distractions that can already steal your time (TikTok anyone?)

What I’m simply saying is to be efficient. Take enough time to make quality decisions each step of the way. When you plan and make good decisions based around strategic visibility initiatives, it has it’s payoffs. And I’m not just talking about speed.  


5 Benefits of a Good Brand Visibility Strategy


Instead of getting caught up in the latest trends, stay true to your brand and prevent your marketing from going astray.  Do NOT get caught up in the “latest and greatest” gossip without properly vetting these new moves.  I know, I know, this sounds obvious, but I meet so many who make this mistake I’m not sure I can say it enough.  Instead, identify one (key word here!) strategy that lands at the intersection of the following 5 things:

Your Strengths/Skills

•Your Audiences Wants

•It’s Ease of Implementation

•It’s Profitable

•You’re excited to do it (this is a bonus & the potential game changer)

When you narrow it down to ONE strategy and it includes the 5 points above, it leads to ridiculously fast execution (comparatively) and effective outcomes.  Aka, more eyes, replies, leads, sales and impact.  


Who doesn’t want referrals?  They’re usually a faster sale, better quality of client, and more profitable.  When people see your brand delivering at the right time and place repeatedly the more you come to mind when your solution or service is needed.  And if you’re one of those entrepreneurs who deliver excellent service it only amplifies. Many brands build their reputation as an expert this way.  


As I mentioned earlier, when you select the RIGHT strategy it not only helps you focus, but you don’t have to “fake it until you make it” (as I hear so often).  When you’re pretending to be something you’re not, rather than living your truth it’s instant red flags.  

But, when you’re being true to yourself, rather than following a trend that doesn’t align just because, your audience not only sees it, but they feel it in all 5 senses (even their 6th sense...the gut).  It’s so inspiring, so awakening and unexpected that it speaks to their soul. That may sound a little extreme, but tell me you haven’t experienced that before.  It’s like the universe sent you a sign.    


When you’re a seen as the expert in your field, just as there’s a rise in popularity there comes a similar rise in what a client considers an “acceptable rate”.  What I mean is that people become more comfortable paying higher fees when you’re known as the Go-To for what you do.  As a result, when you increase your visibility, you expand your reach, and in return more rapidly build your brand.  


All of the above leads to the ultimate underlying brand builder...Trust.  You can’t mistaken the positive effects of deeper trust.  Many experts from Stephen Covey to Simon Sinek have reported the profound results of increased trust.  Choosing the right strategy is the first bridge of trust for becoming the leader in your market.  

I’m not saying visibility is the end-all-be-all for building your brand.  If fact, there’s a number of things that need to happen before you heavily focus on visibility strategies and marketing efforts.  Even then, depending upon the season of business you’re in or stage of growth you’re at your “what’s next?” will vary.  


Brand building is an iterative process.  What’s right for you business right now, doesn’t mean it will be right a year from now, or even 3 months from now.  However, when you commit to getting the right strategy for right now, you’re more likely to experience the fruit of it’s rewards.

If you’re looking to gain more visibility right now, join our workshop in Indy.

Or if identifying “what’s next” for your brand is what you’re looking for, checkout my new brand blueprint.

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