January 29, 2019

4 Personal Growth Lessons From Your Social Media Posts

You often hear the debate if social media is worth your time or not (I haven't decided myself). Well, depending on how you use it from day-to-day, I'm sure one can make a strong case for daily distraction or powerful tool. In today's post I'll share with you how your year can be extraordinary by taking a look at your past social media posts.


If you didn't notice, everyone was sharing their Facebook "Year in Review" the last few weeks of 2014. There were soooo many posts about special moments... engagements, new babies, better jobs, weddings, new homes and more. I love "catching up" with those closest to me (even though it's not in person). 

As I was scrolling through the feed, a friends comment caught my attention. It said something the affect of, "Looks like everyone had a great year, but where are all the slips, stumbles and crashes? I'm living a Facebook fairy tale!". 

The combination of preparing my New Year's milestones, setting my business goals and this question/statement sparked me to wonder... 

What can you learn from your posts and can it help you excel in your life & business? 

Growth Lessons from Your Social Media The answer is YES it can help and below are the four lessons you can learn from your social media posts:

  • Set the Table- Your social media posts are filled with the good things in your life. In your successes there are lessons, scripts, processes, systems, skills or characteristics you can use to grow as a person & professional. Reflect on what you learned last year and use it to feast on the opportunities in the New Year. Q1: How can my past success better my future?
  • Place a Bigger Bet- As I said, most people only share the photos that show themselves in a good light. In other words, the majority of your posts show you in your comfort zone. Comfort is really a cover word for typical, ordinary, routine, BORING!!!! Now, that might be a little harsh, but my point is find your places of comfort and up the ante in 2015. You just might find the boost you need. Q2: Where have I settled in 2014?
  • Do the Laundry- I often compare negativity and complaints to doing laundry...a bad thought is equal to a piece of dirty laundry, public complaining (in a post) means an overflowing laundry basket (conscious mind) with soiled linens and gratitude is the detergent. When your mind is full of dirty laundry it kills focus, energy, creativity, confidence, etc (you'll need all of these for sustained success). Q3: Is my negativity "soiling" my progress?
  • Trust the Struggle- So you didn't share your fears, fall or failures in 2014, but why? Failure is not meant to beat you up, but to build you up. The most powerful lessons come from failure, the greatest connections come through being vulnerable and ultimate happiness comes in doing new, challenging and creative things. Your social media posts are showing you your boundaries and now it's YOUR TIME to breakthrough the threshold. Q4: Where can I learn from my fears, falls and failures of the past?

An HONEST look back, not just at your social media, but at anything you've done and asking yourself the four questions can help you to better learn where, what and how you can grow as a person. 

Which of the four lessons do you believe will be the biggest game-changer for you this year? 

Until next time. Be bold, 


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